About Val

 About Val Rogers

Val Rogers is a musical seeker, a teacher, connector and passionate organizer working to expand and enrich the community singing experience. After 15 years leading community and church choirs, Val recently began teaching at world music camps, festivals, and workshops on the US west coast. In 2007, Val toured professionally with the vocal ensemble Northern Harmony, performing and teaching South African and other world vocal music in Europe.  She  completed her first study/performance tour of South Africa with Village Harmony in 2011. View the travelogue.

Intensely drawn to southern African choral singing since first encountering it over a decade ago, Val’s devotion to learning and sharing this music is driven by the powerful sense of joy and bonding the participants experience. Her knowledge and love of this song/dance tradition is nurtured by Zimbabwean, South African, and North American teachers, especially Sheasby Matiure, Matlakala Bopape, and Patty Cuyler.

In addition to teaching, Val regularly organizes and presents world music camps, concerts, and workshops near her hometown of Eugene, Oregon.  She serves on the Advisory Board of Thembanathi, “Hope With Us”, helping build healthier communities in South Africa.


“I found the experience fun, engaging, and moving. Your ability to engage everyone and to give each part the precise notes, words, and steps, allowed me to relax, enjoy, and learn. I’m glad I had a chance to experience the joy of being together in community.

“Your direction was fabulous – specific, fast, positive, clear and inclusive, both verbal and physical. It enabled me to meet your expectations and reach over my own expected trepidations. You helped meet my needs for fun, laughter, community, and love.

“After thirty years of teaching and conducting staff development for teachers across the board (from higher ed to k-12), I can say confidently that I have rarely seen a teacher as skilled as you. What a marvelous experience!”

I was amazed at the complexity of the material you taught us, and I never went through my usual “I can’t do this, I shouldn’t be here!” panic.

Awesome teacher – sooooo satisfying!

Superbly well-prepared.  Perhaps the best educational experience (in 2 hours) I’ve ever had for vocals.

Email Val at val@valrogers.org.